5 reasons why every content creator should build a mobile app

Content has truly become the monarch in the age of digitalization. In the recent years, its importance and dynamics have significantly grown in every realm. 

In fact, in the fast paced world of technology, content is what keeps every ship sailing and every initiative propelling in the right direction.

If you are a content creator and your audience is spread across the internet (which it mostly is), then you must harness every tool that the modern-day technology offers.

This is the only way to ensure that you are making the most of it. It is crucial for attaining the zenith of your abilities and befriending growth and success.

It is for this reason, that most content makers are transcending from web to app to reach the content consumers of the smartphone generation.

So, why is it important to tap into the mobile-friendly market and how can you achieve this milestone! Stay tuned with us till the end and find out!

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Mobile apps can skyrocket your popularity

What changes with a mobile app and what all can you achieve by making your online brand presence more mobile friendly? Go through the points below and learn for yourself:

#1: The world is going mobile

Most of you are probably reading this content on your mobile device. Even if you are not, you would have checked your phone several times since you woke up. Statistics also show, that most people prefer apps over websites.

Evidently, the growing dependency of humans on mobile phones is now a global phenomenon. The future depends on mobile and thus, like every other smart brand out there, you must also be prepared for it.  

#2: Connect directly with audience

Apps establish a more direct and impactful relationship between the provider and the consumer. It reduces the cognitive barrier as the app icon rests on the user’s phone screen at all times and can be accessed with one click.

Hence, it also makes it more convenient and easier for your users to reach you. You also get direct access to your existing consumers and you can communicate with them anytime.

#3: Reduce dependency on third-party platforms  

While it is great to have an extensive brand presence of different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, OTT platforms, etc., you cannot stay relied upon them forever. It should be your goal to create an exclusive brand name and reach your audience directly.

While you can continue to broadcast and distribute your content on these third party platforms, you must also make efforts to build your own channel. Hence, the best way to do so is to offer a multi-channel experience to your users with a website and an app.

#4: Amplify the impact of marketing

Having an app will not only add more value to your online brand authority and image, but also amplify the impact of your marketing endeavors. In fact, you can get more affordable and value oriented marketing options.

For instance, you can design your app feed or home screen in such a manner that it bespeaks of your services, content specialties, brand images, and more. Else, you can also send in-app push notifications and marketing pop-ups for promotion.

#5: Gather important user data

Mobile apps can help you in gathering significant user data. For instance, when users sign up for your app, you get access to their email id, phone number, and personal information like name, age, gender, location, content preferences, browsing behavior, and more.

The app reviews, ratings and feedback that customers add to the app stores, can also help you in improving your brand presence and resolving deadlocks and issues. All this can help you take more data backed, informed and strategic business decisions.

Build it the affordable way!

A lot more can be achieved with apps! Explore the avenue to know more!

Also, now that you are aware of many of the advantages and benefits of having an app for your content creation business, it is time you should proceed to build one.

Do not worry! We are not suggesting you learn coding overnight or spend a fortune on an app development team. There is a better and smarter way to do that!

All you need to do really, is sign up for AppMySite free Android app maker and start building your app for free. You can create, customize, design and publish your own Android and iOS apps within minutes.

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You can also follow the blog suggested above and make your app in 10 simple steps. So, wait no more! Join the league of smart brands and tap into the mobile-friendly market now!