Best strategies to collect app reviews and work on sentiment analysis

It is the age of smartphones and mobile buyers are out looking for products and services. It is the best time for businesses to create apps and tap into the mCommerce market for higher profits.

Besides, it has also become easier to create premium apps with online app makers without coding and without burning a hole in the pocket.

However, to level up the competition and beat others at it, you must also leverage the efforts to keep your consumers satisfied and pleased.

While there are many techniques to study the response of your consumers towards the brand, sentiment analysis tops our list when it comes to app users.

So, what is sentiment analysis and how can you use it to boost your customer satisfaction, read the blog further and find out!

The significance of sentiment analysis of online users

In layman terms, sentiment analysis can be defined as the study of the online buyers’ perception or feelings towards the brand, product, or the app.

Sentiment analysis enables brands to collect and amplify crucial data and take better business decisions. It ensures many benefits, some of which are as listed below:

#1: Understand customer needs:

You get a better hang of the need of your customers as they explicitly state their requirements, and respond to the products you endorse.

#2: Enhance products and services:

The study and analysis enable you to spot your strengths and weaknesses. It can also empower your business goals and help enhance your products and services.

#3: Improve media perception:

The way in which you handle your consumers’ feedback and improve your offerings, tells a lot about your brand. Hence, it can also help improve your media perception and brand image.

#4: Increase sales and revenue:

The image of your brand directly affects the rate of sales and revenue. Hence, if you manage to strike a chord with your consumers, you will be able to grow the ROI (Return on Investment).

#5: Manage crisis proactively:

Knowing about the customers’ perception about your brand preemptively can help you save it from the wrath and crisis that may arise later. In fact, it can help you prevent it altogether.

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Tips to collect and assess customer reviews effectively

In order to carry out an effective sentiment analysis, you must follow the right strategy as well. Follow the tips listed below and ensure business growth:

#1: Encourage ratings and reviews:

The first step to sentiment analysis is collecting the feedback. Use your app and other communication tools to encourage users to drop ratings, reviews, and feedback.

Tap into every possible instance of getting user response and also give them ample reason to do the same. Ask politely and encourage users to drop the feedback on various platforms.

#2: Conduct opinion mining:

Opinion mining takes the process of acquiring feedbacks several notches up. It requires you to take a more scientific approach of extracting, collecting, and analyzing data.

Study the market for popular techniques of opinion mining and implement it. Learn about the consumers individual and general perceptions and use the findings to draw a report of your strengths and weaknesses.

#3: Practice text identification:

Just like there are some industry keywords that boost your SEO optimization and tell you what the consumers type when they search for products, there are some words that tell about the emotions.

Although, it depends highly on your app type and industry niche, some of the textual vocabulary remains identical. For example, words like “satisfied”, “happy”, “good experience”, etc., denote positivity. Identify the commonly used texts that depict emotions to predict perception.

#4: Leverage social media:

Social media is a fascinating ecosystem for business. It is an amazing platform for real time sentiment analysis as social media is all about being in the moment and collecting immediate response.

Leverage multiple social media platforms to know what the costumers are discussing about your brand in that sphere. Respond to all the queries and reviews dropped on the platforms and use the social media listening skills to collect accurate feedback data.

#5: Use sentiment analysis tools:

It requires manpower and technical understanding to get quantifiable results of sentiment analysis. If you feel like getting expert help, you can also look up for commercial tools.

There are some SaaS (Software as a Service) tools available in the market for sentiment analysis. Some of them are: MonkeyLearn, IBM Watson, Google Cloud NLP, etc.

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Wrapping up!

Isn’t sentiment analysis a creative and interesting thing to cover? Now that you know much about it, go ahead to implement it to reap the benefits.

Get an edge over your competitors and make your business future ready. Complement your website with the perfect app that performs well and earns good ratings and reviews.

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