Five mistakes to avoid when creating an app with a mobile app builder

DIY app making solutions have drastically reduced the complications of making an app. Not until a long time ago, businesses used to overlook app development because of its cost and tediousness.

The scene has changed now. Development challenges such as learning programming and app design are not major hurdles anymore. Mobile app builders such as AppMySite have come a long way in helping create a premium WordPress app for Android and iOS devices.

Does this mean app development is a cakewalk now and companies rarely make mistakes during the process? Not really. As advanced as DIY app builders are, those using them can still make mistakes.

The only way to not make mistakes is to be wary of them. Making premium apps with a reliable mobile app builder is easy. You can smooth the process further by avoiding common mistakes people using such tools generally do.

This piece brings to light some of the most common mistakes companies and entrepreneurs make while using mobile app builders. Anyone trying to create an app with DIY app making tools should consider the points made here carefully.

#1 - Choosing an unreliable app builder

The first and most obvious mistake you can make is choosing an unreliable mobile app builder.

A little research will show the various no-code app makers you can use to make your own app. Each of these app makers appears to be the real deal, at least on paper. However, some of them are not as reliable as they seem.

How should you select the right app builder for your business? Your choice must always be based on the features you’re looking for. This is the best way to find the right app builder.

The following points highlight some of the main features you should looking-

●Cross platform capability - Should provide app creation options for both Android and iOS devices. A free online Android app maker may help you get on the Google Play Store, but it is important to ignore Apple smartphones for long.

●Affordability - Choose an app maker that doesn’t end up burning a hole in your pocket.

●Customization - Make sure the app builder you select comes with various customization options. This will help streamline your overall mobile app design.

●CMS compatibility - Most prominent app builders tend to help users create an app from their website. If you plan to use your website to create app, make sure the app builder you choose is compatible with your website CMS.

●Instant app delivery - The major advantage of using app builders is the low turnaround time. Select an online app creator that helps create an app is a short span of time.

These features alone are not enough. You can read the following piece to know more about the ideal features of a typical mobile app builder,

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#2 - Not using high performance add-ons

App makers offer a number of add-ons that basically add another dimension to the final app. The change an add-on brings can be related to performance, design, or even app store presence.

The exact nomenclature may differ from tool to tool, but most app builders do provide add-ons. These add-ons typically provide features and functions that cannot be normally activated with the basic app-making platform.

In order to build a truly premium app, users must consider buying add-ons and improving their app. It is not like users should buy every add-on available on an app builder platform. Identify the add-on which addresses a key part of an app that is important to its success.

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#3 - No collaboration or teamwork

App builders simplify development to the point that a single user can create an entire app within minutes.

This marks a significant improvement in technology. However, there is a better way to approach the process of creating an app on an app builder.

Instead of trying to build your app alone, invite team members and qualified professionals to work on your app project. Let’s say you’re not the best at app design. Let a professional designer in your team handle mobile app design while you work on other things.

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Teamwork and collaboration are essential for the creation of truly premium apps. AppMySite has already introduced features to encourage user collaboration. You should start with AppMySite if you’re keen on inviting your team to work on your app project.

#4 - Lack of app testing

No one can create the perfect app. Apps built on mobile app builders rarely have bugs. There is however always room for performance and design improvements.

One mistake people make when using app makers is not testing their app thoroughly.

In some cases, companies are not able to test their apps because of a lack of app preview options. It is thus vital for users to select app makers that offer comprehensive app testing abilities. AppMySite provides advanced features to test mobile apps on both device emulators and smartphones.

With such an app maker, there really is no excuse to not test an app. Open every app screen and study how the app reacts to different inputs. Further test the app is challenging conditions such as slow internet, low battery, and so on. You can check out the guide on mobile app testing below to learn how to test a mobile app.

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#5 - Inadequate focus on website issues

If your app runs into performance issues, it is not necessarily the fault of the app making platform.

Any app built on a mobile app builder depends on website performance for high speed. This is because app builders host the app on the website host itself. A tardy web host would thus contribute to slow app speeds.

Let’s take an example and assume you want to create a pharmacy app. You already have a WooCommerce website with which you sell medical products online. After selecting the best WooCommerce Android app builder in the space, you launch the app on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the speed of your new Android app is too slow and turning off customers.

The best way to solve this problem is improve your website speed. Any step you take to improve your website speed will end up helping app performance as well. This can mean using a CDN, introducing caching solutions, or even upgrading to a better web hosting partner.

In conclusion

As good as app makers are, they don’t eliminate room for normal human error. Creating premium mobile apps has never been easier. Even still, users must remain aware of the mistakes they can make while using app makers.

This piece highlights five common mistakes companies and entrepreneurs make while using app builders. These are not the only mistakes that one can make while using a DIY app maker. However, steering clear of these alone can significantly improve the quality of apps built on any DIY platform.