Five tips to attract the impulsive buyers and grow your eCommerce sales

The consumerization of technology has made the buyers smarter and more impulsive. Everything is within the reach of consumers and hence they have more options than ever.

It is also a productive time for businesses as they are now reaching their potential buyers without facing any barriers. The geographical and technical chasm is being reduced by the power of  internet and digitalization.

Businesses are building websites and creating apps with app creators online. It has become easier to enter the mCommerce industry and allure all kinds of buyers.

In fact, most people that belong to this generation are impulsive buyers and make quick purchase judgements if the offers and products are appealing enough.

You can also tap into this possibility and make and grow your sales and revenue. Discover some helpful tips and increase the basket size of your potential and existing buyers.

Encourage impulsive buyers and grow your sales

Follow the tips listed below and rope in your impulsive buyers to multiply your engagement and sales:

#1: Curate lucrative deals & offers

If you really wish to rope in the impulsive buyers, you must make an offer they fail to refuse or ignore. Since it all depends upon your marketing and perception building skills, make every campaign sound lucrative.

Keep updating the deals and offers in order to keep your buyers engaged and amped up. Make every deal and discount meaningful and desirable.

#2: Run multi-channel promotions

Impulsive buyers are scattered across various platforms. Hence, you cannot risk missing out on any prospective platform to reach them.

Run social media promotions, email marketing campaigns, and send push notifications. Your potential buyers may feel tempted and make a purchase after seeing many ads and promotions.

#3: Make navigation seamless with app

It is easier to hook app users and compel them to make a purchase as people tend to use and check their mobile phones several times a day.

So, you must sign up for an online app maker and build an app to make the experience seamless for your potential buyers. Offer easy navigation and put up an elegant product display on your app.

#4: Create hype and urgency

Most impulsive buyers of this smartphone generation make quick buying decisions. They can quickly make a purchase or abandon a cart and brand. However, this tendency can help brands sometimes.

For instance, if you create urgency and hype around an ad campaign, sales pitch, etc., it will become easy to tempt them. Use terms like “Hurry, the sale ends in an hour”, “Only one left”, etc., to make them take quick decisions.

#5: Personalize shopping experience

Personalizing the shopping experience is especially important to attract the impulsive buyers. It can add more value to your offers and campaigns.

Track the activities of your users and potential shoppers and customize offers accordingly. Make relevant product suggestions and suggest deals that suit the persona of your buyers.

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Boost engagement and conversions with an app

As discussed above, mobile apps can help in boosting your engagements and conversions. It is the age of smartphones and most of your potential buyers are looking for options on mobile.

AppMySite free app builder has become the go-to solution for businesses aspiring to join the mCommerce industry. You can also subscribe to the platform and build your own app for free.

Create, customize, and test the same app build, and publish for Android and iOS. Enter the mobile app industry and amplify your engagement and conversions.