How can launching a mobile app help scale your affiliate marketing blog?

Affiliate marketing is a one of the more popular ways to monetize online traffic. The principle of the practice is older than digital marketing. Companies used to incentivize local influencers to promote their products in exchange for a commission long before digital marketing came along.

Today, affiliate marketing is a sure shot way of establishing an online income. Bloggers are known to promote affiliate links through their content and make money on each purchase.

While Amazon is the most obvious affiliate network, there are many other more profitable options.

Many brands scale their sales and revenue with affiliate marketing. A recent report showed that roughly 80% brands use affiliate marketing programs to grow sales.

This naturally creates a great window of opportunity for affiliate marketers. This doesn’t mean this field lacks any challenges.  

Stagnation - The ultimate affiliate marketing challenge

Affiliate marketers generally use organic inbound traction to earn money. From promoting affiliate links in blogs to attaching them in the description of a YouTube video, there are many ways to earn organic traction.

The only problem here is the low ceiling.

Let’s say you manage to rank an article that contains several affiliate links. You begin to earn a steady income from the incoming traffic.

While you have ranked for a keyword, you cannot suddenly increase its search volume. The affiliate income you make from the article will be restricted by the overall search volume.

You can always rank another article and make more money, but you will eventually run out of topics. Most affiliate marketers choose very narrow niche topics that don’t offer a lot of topic variety.

The solution? Opening up a new channel to promote content organically. In this piece, we discuss how you can take your affiliate marketing blog into a native app environment and scale your revenue.

How can a mobile app affect your affiliate marketing revenue?

We covered the problem of stagnation in affiliate marketing revenue in the previous section. Mobile apps can help solve that problem.

Mobile app usage has only grown in the past few years. It doesn’t take a genius to realize where mobile app vs website battle is heading. Smartphones and high-performance native apps are driving websites away.

Where do mobile apps and affiliate marketing come together?

Let’s say you decide to take your affiliate marketing blog to a native app environment. You can either code an app from scratch or use an online app creator.

How does a new app affect your affiliate revenues. The sections below highlight some ways a new app can be leveraged to increase affiliate revenues.

Grow affiliate app with mobile app marketing

Once your app is created, you gain a new platform to promote your content. A sound app marketing strategy can help you bring more users to your app.

What is a sound strategy for an app that contains content loaded with affiliate links?

The general marketing strategy doesn’t need to be very different from the app promotion strategy of a blogging application.

The goal is to get people to download the app purely to read quality content. Use the marketing channels available to promote your blogging app and make content the centerpiece of your strategy. There is no point in selling your app as something more than a blogging app. This will only dampen the expectations of new users and cause app abandonment.

Work on an app marketing strategy that you can live up to. A lot of entrepreneurial affiliates overestimate their own ability to market the app endlessly. Sustainable growth is more desirable than seamless growth that only happens for a week or month.

Going beyond a simple affiliate marketing blog

Creating an app for your affiliate marketing blog helps you create a brand. A simple blog is difficult to scale to the point where it can become a lone brand. A mobile app is a different kettle of fish.

You can expand from being a simple blogger to a content brand and invest in many other areas you couldn’t earlier.

The onus lies on your to keep writing effective content and increasing app downloads.

An app also gives you the ability to go beyond one way of making money online. There are various app monetization models you can leverage and diversify your income streams considerably.

For instance, creating a paywall for some of your premium content can raise the standard of your app while also increasing revenues. You can even use mobile ad networks to monetize your content.

How to create an app for an affiliate marketing blog?

The natural option an affiliate marketer would first consider is coding an app from scratch. Without any knowledge of coding, affiliate bloggers would naturally need to hire a development agency.

This is generally where affiliate marketers give up on creating an app for their blog. Hiring a development agency is a very expensive proposition.

There is another way to create an app. Affiliates can use mobile app builders to use their website as a cornerstone to create an app.Generally, app builders do not require users to write any code.

Let’s take AppMySite as an example. Users can use this WordPress to app converter for Android mobile and iOS devices. It offers a range of customization options and performance add-ons to enhance the quality of the final app.

The best part from a blogger’s perspective? You don’t need to learn how to use a new backend to manage app content. Anything you change on your WordPress backend will also be reflected on the mobile app.

This is also true in case you use WooCommerce to promote affiliate products in an ecommerce setting with AppMySite. For instance, let’s assume you convert WooCommerce to Android and iOS app using AppMySite. Any change you now make to your WooCommerce store will also be reflected on the app.

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In conclusion

Affiliate marketing is a major monetization tactic used by bloggers to make money online. However, revenues from affiliate marketing can grow stagnant after a while.

This piece provides a complete analysis on using mobile apps to grow an affiliate marketing blog. Affiliates can use the tips provided in this piece as the precursor to start their own app and create a brand out of their simple affiliate marketing blog.