Three popular myths about DIY app builders debunked

Mobile apps have become the ultimate go to solution for all our daily needs. As the online market and the mCommerce industry is expanding, the demand for app developers is also increasing.

However, DIY app builders are challenging the monopoly of custom app development agencies. Ever since the code-free app builders have emerged, it has become easier to make app online.

But there are many popular myths about DIY app builders that are freely floating in the market. It often makes one skeptical about taking the modern route and creating apps the code-free way.

So, let us find out the common myths and misconceptions about DIY app makers. Stay with us till the end and discover a wiser and more affordable technique of creating Android and iOS apps.

Three common myths about DIY app builders

Bust the common misconceptions about DIY app builders and create your own app without any hassle:

Myth #1: DIY app builders are less capable

A lot of people think that DIY app builders cannot deliver premium quality apps. This is somewhat true as not every drag and drop builder is that efficient.

However, premium quality app builders like AppMySite are challenging this belief and how! Anyone can build premium quality apps that are at par with the apps built by expert technicians.

The power of designing and customizing the app comes in your hands and the apps are directly powered with the website. Hence, it becomes easy to offer a seamless app experience to your users.

Myth #2: DIY app builders are not adaptable

This is yet another common myth about DIY app builders. People think that they get a basic app that does not reflect the qualities of their website.

However, with more advanced solutions, you can get complete customizability and control over the app design and layout. The app may also remain in complete sync with the website in some cases.

The DIY technology is constantly evolving and hence, adaptability and scalability is also not an issue anymore. New versions of the app can be launched at reasonable costs.

Myth #3: DIY app builders can turn out to be costlier

Custom app developers charge huge sums of money for app delivery, maintenance, makeover, update, etc. It also takes longer to get custom apps developed, which poses a threat of lag for your business.

However, with online app makers, everything is transparent, instant and more absolute. Unlike custom app development, you do not bear all the costs at once and there aren’t many hidden charges.

Therefore, many businesses are choosing DIY app builders because it does not burn a hole in their pocket. Besides, you can cancel your subscription at any time and save money by purchasing plans for longer duration.

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